Laura Pigott


Ty Rex

February 2014

The aim of this project was to create a character design, with an accompanying background. I began by sketching potential designs on paper, and then took these into Adobe Illustrator CS6 to create the digital version which I would then animate in Adobe Flash CS6.

Project Image

Interesting Parts

  • This character was designed with animation optimisation in mind.
  • When facing forward, this character is perfectly symmetrical.
  • In order to create this character, I generated a backstory which would give me some context from which to create the designs.
  • This character has been reused in multiple other projects, such as Man Boat Wave and Ty Rex Sidescroller.
Project Image

What I learned

  • I learned the importance of sketching out designs on paper first, and then combining the best of these to create a stronger design.
  • I learned how to import graphics to Adobe Flash from Adobe Illustrator, so as to maintain all the layers of the character required for animating.
  • As this character was primarily to be used to create a walk cycle, I took great care when creating his feet in particular, so that I would have enough joints and freedom of movement in order to make him "walk".
Project Image