Laura Pigott



November 2012

The purpose of this project was to create a character which would be used in future projects, such as my Fairy Jigsaw Puzzle. This character design started on paper, and was then created in Adobe Illustrator CS6.

Project Image

Interesting Parts

  • The stripes on the fairy's sleeves are drawn within the arm, so they can be fully animated without breaking the exterior line of the sleeve.
  • I recently recreated the head of this Fairy in Java (through Processing), in order to better understand how the bezier() and bezierVertex() methods work.
  • This was built as a fully vector graphic, and so can be scaled to any size, without loss of quality.
Project Image

What I learned

  • I learned how to use the shape builder tool to combine and subtract shapes to create more complex graphics.
  • Creating symbols in Illustrator helped me to maintain consistency between repeating sections of the character e.g. eyelashes.
  • I gained great confidence in using the pen tool in Illustrator, along with the convert vertex tool, in order to outline specific shapes or sections of the character.
Project Image