Laura Pigott


Fairy Jigsaw Puzzle

March 2013

The aim of this project was to create a jigsaw puzzle. This project, excluding graphics, was created in Adobe Flash CS6, and coded in ActionScript 3.0. The graphics were created in Adobe Illustrator CS6.

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Interesting Parts

  • As certain parts of the fairy are dropped into place, they begin to animate e.g. the wings being to flutter.
  • Once the entire jigsaw is completed, the fairy flies away.
  • The jigsaw "pieces" never actually drop into place, they simply disappear at the same time that the opacity of the placeholder section returns to normal.
  • This game runs indefinitely. Once you complete the jigsaw, you reach the "well done" screen, and are then taken back to the "play" screen.
Project Image

What I learned

  • This was the first time I had ever programmed in ActionScript, so I had to learn everything from variables to event listeners.
  • I learned how to test for collisions between objects.
  • I figured out how to import sounds, for the background music as well as the sound effects.
  • I learned about symbols, instances and the importance of good naming conventions.
  • The biggest thing I learned from this project was how much I enjoyed coding, and I have been hooked ever since :)
Project Image