Laura Pigott


Abstract Loop

May 2015

The aim of this project was to create an abstract animation that would loop indefinitely, using a software package of our choice, in my case, Adobe After Effects CS6. The audio for this project was provided by

Interesting Parts

  • The colour scheme for this project was inspired by the audio, which I felt sounded like a throwback to video games from my childhood. The elements represented in this animation are Gameboy Color, Alex Kidd, Mario, Pong, Tomb Raider, Pokemon and Pacman.
  • This animation incorporates many of the animation principles, including squash & stretch, anticipation, follow-through etc.
  • The four circles which fall out of the box earlier in the animation represent Princess Peach, Mario, Luigi and a golden star, all chasing one another.
Project Image

What I learned

  • Through my Kinetic Text project, I learned that separating an assignment into movement and styling stages was a very effective way to allow me to focus on these elements separately. I achieved this by animating in black and white originally.
  • I learned how to think in a more abstract fashion, even in the way I look at planning and producing a project. I think this was an invaluable experience, as it has allowed me to be more flexible in my approach to design.
  • This was the first time I have ever created an animation, or any project, where I simply went frame by frame, with no specific plan other than to try and go with it and see where the animation would take me.