Laura Pigott



October 2015

The purpose of this portfolio website is to showcase my work as a student, from a wide range of modules. While programming and web development are my main interests, I felt that it was important to also show the wider variety of creative disciplines that I have been involved in. This website was created using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery.

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Interesting Parts

  • There are a total of 20 projects available on this website. Each of the interactive one, such as websites or games, have an embedded video showing the highlights of their features.
  • There is a PHP contact form on the "Contact" page, which sends message directly to my personal email account. Once someone submits a message, they will then be given my direct phone number, should they wish to ring me directly.
  • My entire portfolio consists of this website, a hardback book containing each of my projects, a creative CV and a showreel.
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What I learned

  • I learned the importance for producing your portfolio in a wide range of mediums. I feel that my showreel helps to support my website, while my hardback portfolio is supported by my website.
  • The importance of consistency is always at the forefront of all my creative projects, particularly when managing it across both a digital and print medium. Each of the elements of my portfolio consist of the same fonts, colours and spacing, which I feel helps to tie them all together as one larger package.
  • I learned that it is important to show a wide variety of skills. Originally, I would have preferred to create an entirely code focused portfolio, but throughout my Preparation for Professional Practice module this semester, I was reminded that variety is important, which is why I chose to display a sample of projects from each are of my skillset.
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