Laura Pigott


Content Developer CMS

April 2017

The aim of this project was to create a method of managing language and platform agnostic content. The hypothesis behind this project is that "traditional content management systems can restrict the development approach of web developers". The end result of this project was a content management system, running on a custom built REST API. All content is managed and updated through JSON. This project was built using NodeJS, Angular2, HTML, CSS, SQL, PUG (previously known as Jade) and Git.

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Interesting Parts

  • The CMS is built as a REST API, which is available for developers to manage their content through
  • A full API documentation was created, to define the API endpoints for the REST API of the server -
  • The entire project is built through JavaScript. With Angular2 managing the front end, NodeJS powering the server side, and JSON for the transfer and management of data
  • The unique benefit of this CMS is that it offers indefinite encapsulation of data i.e. requests to an endpoint such as "/resources/books/0/title" will return the title of the book at index 0, within the resources collection
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What I learned

  • How to implement HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol - Secure), HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security), SSL (Secure Socket Location) all within a Node environment
  • How to create, update and delete data within an object with infinite encapsulation, using dynamic properties, through one common function
  • How to implement Git dynamically, so it can be used for version control of content, to allow users to rollback to previous states
  • Through using JavaScript for a full stack development, I am enhancing my JS skills overall
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