Laura Pigott



December 2014

The purpose of this project was to create a platform game, which incorporated collisions, gravity, shooting of ammunition to defend against enemies, collection of coins etc. This project, including all graphics, were created in Adobe Flash CS6, and coded in ActionScript 3.0.

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Interesting Parts

  • I developed this as a cross-platform game, which automatically adjusts to the type of device it is on i.e. on android devices, on screen controls appear on screen.
  • The game is completely scalable, and will adjust to the resolution of the device it is running on.
  • Each bullet is entirely self-animated, as the code that determines the rise and fall of its trajectory is defined within the Bullet class.
  • The interactions between the character and the spring-pad, spring-board and ladders were some of the most challenging and interesting parts of this project.
Project Image

What I learned

  • This was the first time I had attempted to "animate" with code i.e. the arc of the bullets, or the reactions of the character to some of the obstacles in the environment, so I gained a lot of my learning in this area.
  • I learned a lot about gravity, friction and reactions in the way the character moved around the screen. The slightest adjustment of figures can give the character just the right amount of weight to believably exist within that environment.
  • Through making this project cross-platform, I learned about the optimisation issues that can occur once you go onto a mobile device. I feel this was beneficial, as through the process of re-optimising the project for mobile, I learned a few tips and tricks that were also of benefit on desktop devices.
Project Image